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so...has anyone else (US-centric) been screwed over by the whole tramadol mess?

tramadol has been thrust up a level by the DEA. so, as of monday, pharmacies had to stop selling entirely, CANCEL all existing prescriptions, take an exacting absolutely-counted-by-hand inventory (not sure how they do that with sealed bottles, though), send in forms to the DEA, and change the way the scrips are handled, from being able to be submitted electronically to ONLY submitted on paper with the doctor's DEA number clearly written on them.

my doctor quit prescribing *at all*. did she bother to tell me that this was going to be her new policy when i saw her not a month ago and i ASKED SPECIFICIALLY about this issue? of COURSE not. did she bother to return my call *yesterday*, when i called her in the morning? of COURSE not.

she's good enough at other aspects of my care that i'm not dumping her as a physician.

how, does one go about finding a pain care specialist that is not a) a quack who believes that you can do this without any medication at all, b) someone who basically operates a pill mill and will be raided/shut down in a short amount of time, and most importantly c) will actually LISTEN and take my issues seriously? (fibromyalgia does not exist after all...)
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