Angel (angelxwitxbyte) wrote in chronic_pain,

A Question to those of you who take/n Trazodone?

First things first, sorry about coming out of the shadows, for I really don't post much outside my LJ. So here goes my ramble and I hope you can keep up.

The thing that I'm on it for is mainly to sleep, and am allowed to take anywhere from 100-200 mgs. I've having some freakish side effects, and I'd like to know if you've dealt with & they went away or something of the like.
Muscle Stiffness that leave me ridged for most the day. Can't Bend down and Wish I didn't have to turn my Neck or Back.
(yet it says it's good for chronic pain, of which my body is guilty of putting me through for the past forever)
It Makes my bones feel *raw*
When I get up there is very little time when it comes to me feeling like I've got to go back to bed.
Muscle relaxer doesn't work
Nothing helps the random chronic pain flare up move something and opps, on top of the normal kill you daily for the next 3 lifetimes flare ups.
So pain pills out.

There some more... But brain has signed out for the day. Have any of you dealt with something like what I listed above? Worse? What'd you do? And should I just tell my Doc to stop giving me said Trazodone?
Thanks for you're Help. I've pretzeled myself in with this in a way. Just don't know how to handle it.
Cuz yea I'm smart like that. ^-^v
Thanks again.

PS-- Sorry if you see this more than once

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