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I've been experiencing bone and joint pain and weakness for over 10 years.  It all started when I was 12 and broke my left foot.  The same day my cast was off, I broke my right ankle.  I never received any check-ups or physical therapy after these consecutive breaks and I suspect that may have led to my current and worsening problems.

Until this past year, the pain and weakness have been limited to my hips and ankles and only occurred 55-56% of the time.  However, recently, I've had new pain and weakness in other areas and it's all occurring about 90% of the time.  The pain is very sharp and by weakness, I mean that whatever joint is experiencing pain won't hold my weight at all.  It's not that it hurts too much, it just physically buckles and won't work.

The new pain and weakness happens in my left collarbone and just on the right side of my spine where my tailbone begins.  When my collarbone acts up, it will pop in and out of place for up to days at a time and I can't lift anything with that arm.  With the new back problems, the pain and weakness are extremely bad whether I'm walking, sitting, or laying down.  I have found that I can kinda shuffle sideways and that alleviates the back problems, though it makes the ankle pain worse.

Also, I've needed to use a cane and wear a compression bandage on my left ankle to even be able to walk.  Without both of those, I either have to crawl or lean heavily on the walls of my apartment to get from room to room.

I've seen two GPs dozens of times and one orthopedic surgeon twice about this.  They've poked and prodded me; watched me walk, run, and try to balance; taken more x-rays than I can count; done blood tests for lupus [which my mother has]; and done blood tests for arthritis.  Nothing they've done has come up with anything and they've just shrugged it off as a mystery.  My psychiatrist pisses me off because he thinks it's all in my head and isn't real.

OTC medications and prescription arthritis meds [which were given to me despite the negative arthritis tests...] do absolutely nothing for the pain.  I don't want to be put onto heavy narcotics.

Under the cut are illustrations of where the pain occurs.

I fucked up and the line should be on the other side.  But this shows the whole area which hurts and pops in and out when my collarbone acts up.

The darker dot is where the new back pain is occurring.

This recent back pain is absolutely debilitating me.  I need to see my doctor about it, but I want to be taken seriously and need to know what to ask for or even have some suggestions to lead him to what it could be.

WTF could this be?  What should I ask my doctor?

ETA: I just made an appointment with my GP for December 5th. I'll ask for an MRI and a referral to a rheumatologist.

ETA2: I just remembered another symptom that's eluded my doctors.  Whenever I'm touched [by myself, another person, or an object] gently or with moderate force, it feels like I've been punched hard.  The pain can linger for hours and I never bruise from it.
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