J. (the_physicist) wrote in chronic_pain,

dealing with the cold

i feel a little silly even making this post, but any of you with arthritis like issues, how do you deal with the cold? at the moment there seems there's nothing i can do to get my right shoulder in particular not to be bothered by the cold. i've got the heating on, i can place as many jumpers on it, in addition to wearing a jumper... i don't understand it at all really. it just won't get warm. granted, it's not a sauna in my flat, even with the heating on, but it's not going to get better than what it is currently, because it's an old house full of drafts (which I can't block up, they are there on purpose, as this kind of house requires to be drafty for it not to rot or something).

i'm not entirely sure what's going on, as it just seems so ridiculous. does anyone else have this kind of problem and have any insight into what might help? I just want to keep the shoulder warm, not the rest of me. right now while typing this even if feels like the rest of my body is very cosy and warm, but that iv'e got a massive, painful iceblock for a shoulder.
Tags: arthritis
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